Christians and Nonviolence in the Nuclear Age

Christians and Nonviolence in the Nuclear Age


Christians and Nonviolence in the Nuclear Age
Scripture, the Arms Race, and You
By Gerard Vanderhaar
Wipf and Stock Publishers

This book assesses the terrible realities of the Nuclear Age and sophisticated weapons systems in light of the biblical teachings about idolatry. Then it presents the life of Jesus as a model upon which women and men of good will can pattern a lifestyle of nonviolence.

Christians and Nonviolence in the Nuclear Age proposes a new vision of self, country, and the world that measures up to the demands of the times. In light of that vision, the book suggests specific actions individuals and groups can take to change the course of our world from self-destruction to mutual understanding and cooperation.

Dr. Gerard A Vanderhaar (1931-2005), author of six books on nonviolence as well as numerous articles and other publications. He was Professor Emeritus of Religion and Peace Studies at Christian Brothers University in Memphis, Tennessee, where he taught for twenty-eight years.

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ISBN: 9781625642769
Pages: 128
Publication Date: 8/28/2013

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