Pace e Bene trainers and speakers are available to share the powerful vision and practical approaches of active nonviolence with local groups, movements, religious communities, universities and other organizations.  Pace e Bene also organizes periodic online training.

If you would like to explore or learn more about hosting or scheduling any of our trainings or speakers, including fees and logistics let us know through the form at the bottom or email us at


Pace e Bene trainings help unleash the power of nonviolent change in our lives, our communities, and our world. Using storytelling, exercises, role-plays, small and large-group discussions, short presentations and journaling, these workshops explore the vision, principles and concrete tools of active nonviolence.

Most trainings are available in half-day, one-day, two-day, and weekend formats. Pace e Bene also organizes online training.

Trainings include:

  • Nonviolence 101: An Introduction

    • Explores the dynamics of violence and nonviolence, the nonviolent life, nonviolent communication and actively creating social change.

  • Engaging Nonviolence

    • An in-depth exploration of nonviolent living for personal, interpersonal and social change.

  • Nonviolent Action

    • Engages with practical tools for taking public nonviolent action for justice and peace. Explores how nonviolent action contributes to social change; how principles of nonviolence can be embodied in public action; and the planning and role-playing of nonviolent action.’

  • Campaign Nonviolence Skill-Building

    • This two-day training offers participants the chance to: learn about Campaign Nonviolence’s vision and strategy; explore how nonviolent social change works; acquire skills for building CNV locally; network and collaborate with others; and deepen the capacity to build nonviolent cities and a culture of nonviolence.

  • Blessed Are the Peacemakers

    • This training explores: Jesus’ powerful message of Gospel nonviolence; tools for putting Gospel nonviolence into practice for a more just and peaceful world; and activating Gospel nonviolence more effectively in our lives, religious communities and societies.


    • Pace e Bene offers online trainings on Engage and the soon to be published Engaging Nonviolence. People who have undergone this process have found it invaluable and extremely useful for both their personal and professional lives allowing them to dive deeper into the study and practice of nonviolence.

      All online courses are facilitated by Veronica Pelicaric, staff person, senior trainer and co-author of Engage and Engaging Nonviolence.


Ken Butigan speaking in Olympia, WA

Ken Butigan speaking in Olympia, WA

Pace e Bene speakers are available to present in local communities on the power and principles of nonviolence. Generally, a 45-60 minute presentation is followed by a question and answer period with the audience, though Pace e Bene will tailor the event to meet your needs. Speakers include John Dear, Kit Evans-Ford, Terrence Rynne and Ken Butigan.


  • The Power of Active Nonviolence

  • Talks on building Campaign Nonviolence in your area, including a Nonviolent City and a nonviolent action during the Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions

  • Strategy for Nonviolent Movements

  • Nonviolence and the Spiritual Dimension of Human Development

  • From Hurt to Healing: The Process of Healing from a Traumatic Event

  • Living From Your Heart: the Freedom of Nonviolence

  • Gospel Nonviolence: Living the Nonviolent Life

  • Gandhi & Jesus: The Saving Power of Nonviolence

  • Jesus Christ, Peacemaker: A New Theology of Peace

  • St. Francis of Assisi’s Nonviolent Journey: A Story for Our Time

  • Blessed Are the Peacemakers: Deepening the Faithful Journey of Gospel Nonviolence In Our Lives and Our World



Nonviolence training is critical to the success of nonviolent action.  Look for trainings by other organisations on The Nonviolence Training Hub co-sponsored by Campaign Nonviolence and Pace e Bene.


  • Venue. The host is responsible to provide venue arrangements, setting the time, location, and equipment for the event.

  • Publicity. The host is responsible to publicize the event in their local community and also do outreach to the local media.

  • Hospitality. We request that the host provide meals and lodging when necessary for the workshop facilitator or speaker. If an overnight stay is necessary. This can be a home stay. Generally speaking, it does not need to be a hotel.

  • Travel Expenses. Travel expenses, including airfare if required, are the responsibility of the host. It can be shared with other hosts if there are multiple events during the course of the trip. Transportation to and from the airport must also be provided.

  • Program Fee. Pace e Bene has a standard fee schedule for speaking or workshops events. Contact us for more information.

We'll help. Pace e Bene will work with you to explore how to help make your event happen. This might mean helping you partner with other local organizations, seeking funding to help subsidize the event, setting a small registration fee to help cover the expenses, or taking a freewill offering at the event, etc. Pace e Bene exists to spread the power of active nonviolence, and therefore will work to ensure that if a group wants to host a Pace e Bene program, a way to do this will be found. In some cases, this means working with the group to reduce the standard fee, depending on the size of its annual budget and limited resources.

Once the host has made a commitment to sponsor a Pace e Bene workshop or speaking event, Pace e Bene will confirm with the host the exact schedule and fees, then send the host a written contract. Pace e Bene will work with the host to make sure that the event best meets the needs of your organization.

Once the events is scheduled Pace e Bene will assist with online promotion to those in your area in addition to any promotional material or registration pages you might need.


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