Living With the Wolf

Living With the Wolf


Edited by Peter Ediger, this book features 50 essays, interviews, and poems produced by 23 contributors and published in Pace e Bene’s newsletter, The Wolf of Pace e Bene, since its founding in 1989. This collection offers three vantage points on creative nonviolence:

Naming Nonviolence: Explorations of the vision, power, and principles of nonviolence;

Living Nonviolence: Reports from the nonviolent path of members of the growing Pace e Bene community; and

Engaging Nonviolence: Examples of applied nonviolent action, training, and practice responding to the realities and challenges of the past two decades, such as war or torture.

Themes of spirituality, politics, the economy, culture, diversity, cosmology – and the power of movements for justice, peace and the integrity of creation – weave through this book and help reveal the texture and pattern of Pace e Bene’s nonviolent life and service.

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