Billionaire Buddha

Billionaire Buddha


Rivera Sun, “the author of the story of our times”, strikes again with this powerful novel about wealth, class, connection and love. Inspired by a true story, told with the vibrant imagery and poetic prose you love in Rivera’s writing, Billionaire Buddha is a novel of heart, soul, and incredible transformation!

Billionaire Buddha: from fabulous wealth to unlimited blessings, the price of enlightenment may bankrupt billionaire Dave Grant. Emotionally destitute in the prime of his career, he searches for love and collides with Joan Hathaway. The encounter rattles his soul and unravels his world. Capitalism, property, wealth, mansions: his notions of success crumble into dust. From toasting champagne on top of the world to swigging whiskey with bums in the gutter, Dave Grant’s journey is an unforgettable ride that leaves you cheering!

“Come hear my story; come listen to the truth about my wealth; come see me for a human being, not a former billionaire  . . .  come give me a chance to be worthy in your eyes.” – Billionaire Buddha

Readers are saying: 

Carol Ranellone: Sad when I finished reading that I couldn’t continue to spend more time with this “Billionaire Buddha”! Clear and conscience look at our times and its dire need for a real change to heart based living.

‪Sharon Halsey-Hoover: It is a great book and well worth the time to read…love it…

‪Farrokh S Namazi: Beautiful book. Loved it.

Paul Hawley: I’m less than 20 pages from the end of the new book, but in an unfamiliar effect, it’s making me slow down and savor each page even more deeply than what’s gone before. I thought I’d be done days ago, but I truly don’t want it to end.

Rob Garvey: I really recommend the book … Rivera Sun has produced an amazing work, in my view. The kind of book that hits you in the gut and makes you stop and think about what you just read. Good stuff.

“Can you imagine? the mountains echoed. Imagine, the wind sighed. Imagine, the grasses whispered. Imagine, the earth hummed. Imagine that a man – a world – could change so much that he begins to speak in poetry. Imagine that one generation could change the course of all the generations of humanity yet to come. Imagine that the human story does not end in the chapter of today.”

– Billionaire Buddha

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