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CNV Santa Cruz, CA

Greetings of Peace n One Love to all whom this reaches,

Up 2 Peace is sending this out for the second year.  

This is an Official Invitation to all Races, Faiths and Spiritual Perspectives of all Nations 

to join in and Share Prayer with President Trump,  Kim Jong-Un and all World Leaders.  

Up 2 Peace sees Prayer as a communion with the Creator of all that exists--seen and 

unseen;  the Love that is the true essence of all LivingKind.  We have again decided to call 

this day of Sharing Prayer to be on September 11th at 9:03 am local time.  In honor of all

lives taken and countless lives, globally, that have since been affected by the harsh 

events that occurred on that day in 2001.  Our desire is that we can collectively begin and 

continue this in order to help change the memory of "9/11" from one of terror to one of 

Global Peace and Unity.   

        "We Can Change the World!"   

(Please….give a listen: )

During a news coverage of Sept 11th events last year (2018) a family member of one whose 

life was taken as a result of the events that day in 2001 stated,    

                        "We are tired of this day being used for a political agenda ."   

Up 2 Peace feels that the calling to Share Prayer with World Leaders is, at the least, a drop 

in the Ocean of Honoring the above request, offering a potential of profound change in

Healing and Peace to and through the Hearts and Minds of our World Community.

         "We are all one Family--Called Humanity.  

                   Let's live in Conscious Unity To move towards Full Liberty."

When hate

I hate

It's only hate

In which I emulate.

When Prayer 

With all I freely Share

It's Love alone which I cultivate

And Peace will abundantly proliferate.

Then all the World will celebrate

Imagine that!

Can you relate?

It's not too late.

                 Free yourself from all that hate, Blessing all with Love and Grace                             

                    Love those who Love you for that feeds us all Love.  

                 Love those who push your buttons for we all deserve Love.


"Peace, universally heralded by the Angels at the Birth of Our Saviour, has become 

more necessary to mankind than ever before. The alternatives confronting the 

Governments of today are no longer Peace or war, but Peace or the annihilation 

and complete doom of mankind.  Therefore, it has now become the noble 

responsibility of Christians and peoples of all faiths and their leaders throughout

the World to Pray and to work hard for the preservation of World Peace."

---His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, Oct. 13, 1965

"In this year of 1956, the world is deeply entrenched in hatreds and animosities

--racial, religious, ideological and national.  Is it possible that these intense hatreds, 

instigated by the struggle for power, will lead to World Peace and Harmony?  The 

answer, obviously, is No!  There is a way to Peace, however, and it is the way of 


---Excerpt from "The Heart of Mysticism" by Joel Goldsmith

By the above words of Emperor Haile Selassie I and Spiritual Healer Joel Goldsmith it 

becomes apparent that the hate which exists in our world today is not something new. Hate 

has been passed from generation to generation.  Yet we are caught in a continual cycle of 

trying to find someone or someone’s to blame for the hate we see and feel.   "The Eagles" 

wrote a song in the 1970's called "Witchy Woman".  A portion of the lyrics go: 

                  "She can only take you where you already know how to go."

At Up 2 Peace we have been committed to helping Cultivate Peace in an organic, loving 

natural manner.  Similar to the process of Wheatgrass Juice, which is 70% Chlorophyll.  

The molecular structure of Chlorophyll is almost identical to the molecular structure of 

human blood, except for the metallic atom.  In blood it is iron, in Chlorophyll it is 

magnesium.  As a result of this similarity Chlorophyll effortlessly enters the body not 

attempting to destroy anything.  It supports the bodies own natural biological systems, 

at the cellular level, encouraging optimal health, harmony and strength.  The results of 

this is that fungus, viruses, or bacteria have nothing in which to attack, bond with or 

feed upon to establish disease in the body or mind.  So, at Up 2 Peace, through Loving 

Kindness and Compassion Forgiveness, we support all Livingkind to help uplift each 

and every one's Heart (Spirit) to feel Loved and empowered.  This is the only way we 

will collectively Cultivate Actions of Peace,  Equal Rights and Justice for all Livingkind. 

                          "Love is the Answer!"

Please share this Invitation with your Family and circle of Friends.  One needs not to go 

anywhere that you would not be generally going on that day of the week or time.  Join us

at 9:03am .  Just take a few moments and Share in Prayer within the Love of your World 

Community.  I promise you it can only have a most positive results.  If you wish to gather 

together with others, by all means do so.  

           Let it be fun.  Let it be Sacred.  Let it be in Peace.

                      Up 2Peace

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CNV San Rafael, CA
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CNV Owensboro, KY