Fargo, Baraboo, and Mount Rainier Take Action

Have you sent in your post action report yet? We would love to share a blog with descriptions and pictures of your actions!

Cathy Schwinden of Fargo, ND shares: “I made a brief presentation in each classroom, on the purpose of having a peace pole and how they can be peacemakers in school and at home. We then made a "mini field trip" to the site of our peace pole. We read the four languages on our pole - English, Spanish, Lakota and Arabic. We then circled the pole, held hands, and prayed for peace in our school, our homes, our nation and our world. We especially prayed for the children of the world who could not be in school because of violence and destruction in their homelands.”

CaSandra May of Baraboo, WI says, “This 3.5 hr. workshop was educational and interactive. Dr. Robin Di Angelo's video, Deconstructing White Privilege, was used to explain what White Supremacy means, as well as White Privilege. The Wellbriety Journey to Forgiveness video was used as an example of this country's systemic use of violence and racism, which resulted in the genocide of the Native American people. We ended with a ritual to help us release grief and to express how and in what way we wanted to continue to keep learning and to step into further action.”

MJ Park from Mount Rainier, MD writes, “Little Friends For Peace held 6 Peace Circles during the week of Campaign Non Violence. Little Friends For Peace answers violence with skills for Peace. LFFP believes that if we want Peace we need to Teach peace and interrupt the violence with the skills and provide peace experiences, tools and practices.”

Janet Frase of Eau Claire, WI says, “Program of music, poetry, Cranes: Messengers of Peace and Healing plus 3 speakers on Respect, Civility, Openness and Peace. There were 4 elementary students and a teen who read ORIGINAL peace poems. We had UW Eau Claire student emcees and Student Senate participation - Student Senate unanimously passed a resolution recognizing 9/21 as the International Day of Peace. City of Eau Claire and Eau Claire County passed Proclamations for International Day of Peace also.”

Claudia Ramisch of Owensboro, KY tells us, “Silent meditation interspersed with interfaith prayers: Participants brought a prayer either from their root tradition or present practice and offered it, followed by 8 minutes of silence! Approximately 10 different traditions were represented.”