Action Week Day in Review: September 21

Today is the International Day of Peace, and we are so proud to share that we are getting reports from activists all around the world. We are also pleased to announce that we will soon be releasing our newest nonviolence study guide: Engaging Nonviolence. Check it out here.

Peace is Possible, Australia writes that for the 30 people in attendance, there was “great media in local newspaper and support from local churches. Peace Vigil provided opportunity for creative responses and interaction with public.”

Judy Traeger from Albuquerque, NM tells us: “It was great to be part of the Youth Climate Strike at Robinson Park in Albuquerque! The local news covered the event. The CNV banner opened up conversations with people interested in Building a Culture of Peace. Many folks asked if they could take a photo of it. The high point was when a young rapper ended his performance by rapping about how God is totally loving and inclusive!!”

Alice McCain of Bainbridge Island, WA shares: “We gathered at sunrise, silently praying for peace. Then we placed a glass pebble on a map of the world, signifying an area we were praying for. As a group standing in a circle around our world map, we shared aloud our prayers for peace. Prayers and songs were from many faith traditions-including Buddhist, Baha’i, Christian, Muslim. After prayers we ate and talked together, then left with the renewed goal of living and working for peace.”