Toledo Peace March Makes News

More than three dozen area organizations, government officials, and citizens gathered at the Lucas County Courthouse to celebrate the International Day of Peace at noon Friday, September 20, to march for peace

Peace activist Sister Sharon Havelak addressed the gathering, stressing the need for nonviolence, peacemaking, and love of enemy. "This can coalesce into international grassroots efforts and connections eventually leading to the prevention of war," she said.

The event included gathering around a peace pole for proclamations from the County Commissioners and Toledo City Council and brief remarks, a march following the peace pole around the block with prayer and song, and acknowledgment of each of the co-sponsors.

Fr. John Blaser, Chair of the AUSCP Social Justice Subcommittee, said, “Peace is much more than the end or absence of violence, conflict, or war, but in order to overcome these agents of separation and destruction, we need Understanding, which allows us to stand-under another in service and humility and not stand over them; Respect, which allows us to honor the dignity and uniqueness of each person regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or religion; and Dialogue, which allows us to speak with and not down to others and helps us discover and honor our common experience and mutually shared ideas.”