Peace Podcast: Arise and Go Forth

John and Mic image.jpg

Time to catch the second installment of John Dear’s Peace Podcast  where Fr. John Dear reflects on a new aspect of nonviolence each month. In this episode, John reflects on the beatitudes of peace and the Sermon on the Mount. Reflect with him on these readings and how to live your life according to these teachings of peace, called to action by a new translation that takes the beatitudes from passive to empowering.

At just over 30 minutes, this podcast is the perfect way to set the tone for your week or your month, offering new inspiration for active nonviolence in aspects of your every day life. From global environmental thinking to making interpersonal interactions more compassionate, the options for action and change are plentiful.

The Peace Podcast is available on our website here. There you can also find the first podcast episode where John discusses Gandhi on the anniversary of his birthday. The podcast is also available on iTunes where you can subscribe and listen as soon as it’s released. If you enjoy this new Peace Podcast, share it with others so that it will spread far and wide.