Films on Nonviolence Streaming for Free


The International Center on Nonviolent Conflict is now offering five critically acclaimed documentaries on their website, available in 20 different languages. Whether you are looking for information on the history of nonviolent conflict or hope about ways to apply nonviolence to our collective future, there is much to be learned from these films.

A Force More Powerful explores nonviolent resistance in six countries across the globe to see how each culture can apply nonviolent methods to achieve change. Bringing Down a Dictator highlights the student-led Otpor! Movement that ousted dictator Slobodan Milosevic in Serbia. Orange Revolution delves into the 17 days where the people of Ukraine rose up to resist their corrupt government. Confronting the Truth takes a look beyond the height of conflict and addresses the aftermath by following Truth and Reconciliation Commissions in South Africa, Peru, East Timor, and Morocco. Egypt: Revolution Interrupted? follows the revolution of 2011, and the outcomes that were not quite what the players expected.

Pace e Bene’s Ken Butigan says, “This is a tremendous gift! ICNC is making available for free a film series that has been used by activists all over the world to build their capacity as agents of nonviolent change. I have shown “A Force More Powerful” over 100 times in workshops, trainings and classes, and encourage all Campaign Nonviolence organizers to watch and share them with everyone in your community. “Bringing Down a Dictator” has much to teach us today about the power of active and liberating nonviolence. In 2006, the producers sent us 200 copies of both of these films to distribute to organizers who were, at that time, building the Declaration of Peace campaign, working to end the US war in Iraq. The vitality of that effort was strengthened by the lessons taught by these invaluable case-studies. Please spread these films everywhere!”

All five films are available at the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict website.

Erin Bechtol