Springfield Youth Embody Nonviolence


Greater Springfield Campaign Nonviolence is marching again for peace and unity. Led by 12-year-old Nelson Rojas, the group took to the streets to voice their opposition to violence and remember the 16 people who died as victims of homicide this year. In an effort to recognize the effects of violence on the entire community, the group also held signs to remember the police officers who had died on duty in their town. The need for nonviolence, they made clear, is important for civilians, police officers, and every person.

Greater Springfield CNV holds marches about four times a year, beginning in different parts of the city in an effort to unite all neighborhoods under the common goal of nonviolence. This march was especially notable for the youth engagement, drawing teenagers and adolescents to the fore and giving them a voice to make the change they wish to see. Rojas summed it up: "I want to lead this city to become a peaceful community… I feel God sent me to do this. He doesn't want violence."

You can read more about this march at Mass Live, and watch the video below to see some highlights.