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CNV Horsham, PA

  • Horsham Air National Guard Station Horsham, PA 19044 (map)

Stop Endless War! Tell PA Governor Wolf: Ban PA Drone War Operations. Protest at Drone War Command at the Horsham Air Guard Station.

Sat., September 28, Noon – 2p.m., Protest the drone war command operation at the Horsham PA Air National Station, Route 611/Easton & County Line Roads, Horsham, PA.


The heart of drone war operations in the state lies at the Horsham Air National Guard Station.

Protest the Continuing Policy of U.S. Endless War and Killer Drones.

Banners, signs aplenty, nearby parking, stand, sit (bring a chair), make a song, speak-out. IGNITE PEACE!

“Therefore Choose Life, so that you and your children may live.”
(Book of Deuteronomy)

Dear Drone Operators: Just Walk Away; Stop the Killing! Peace, Your Neighbors

And furthermore,,,

Appeal to the Governor of Penna., the civilian head of PA Air National Guard
*Tell PA Governor Tom Wolf, : BAN PA DRONE WAR OPERATIONS!
Governor Wolf can really do something to stop drone warfare.

“Our appeal is that the PA Air National Guard be removed and banned from all participation in U.S. drone war policy, domestically and/or around the world. This appeal includes but is not limited to the drone war remote command operation at Horsham Air Guard Station, and to training of drone war computer pilots (operators), and stationing of drones for training at Fort Indian Town Gap headquarters of the PA National Guard and PA Air National Guard. The killing must stop. Let it begin here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, called by its founder, William Penn, ‘a divine experiment’.”

See Nick Mottern’s piece in piece on this recent step for bringing the PA Governor to account for the PA Air National Guard’s hosting and participation in ongoing drone warfare operations internationally, domestically, and throughout Pennsylvania.

For more informatiion, call the Brandywine Peace Community, 484-574-1148

Nonviolence Discipline for Demonstration Participants
To assist in the unity of demonstration participants, and to project justice, our humanity, and moral message:
1. We will not carry weapons.
2. We will not vandalize or destroy property.
3. We will not use or carry alcohol or illegal drugs.
4. We will not run or make threatening motions.
5. We will not insult, swear at, or attack anyone, refraining, in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., from “the violence of fist, tongue, or heart.”
6. We will not assault, verbally or physically, those who oppose or disagree with us.
7. Our attitude, conveyed through our words, symbols and actions, will be one of peace, openness, and respect toward everyone.
8. We will remain focused on the message of the demonstration, cooperate with the planning of the demonstration, and help maintain its nonviolent discipline.
9. If an individual has a serious disagreement with the organizers of the action that cannot be resolved, the individual will withdraw from the action.
10. We will maintain — in word and deed — our nonviolent resolve for peace and justice.

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