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CNV Milwaukee, WI

Monday, Sept. 3 ---LABOR DAY with festivities on Lake front.  We push for a $15 minimum wage for all workers

Thur. Sept.  5 ---Jericho Walk at 9 a.m. and Prayer Vigil at Noon at ICE, Knapp & Broadway,  to protest the separation of families and detentions of Latinx.  All people are our people!


Sept. 12-15 ---Annual Midwest Catholic Worker Retreat. Contact us for more info.  Thanks.


Thurs. Sept. 19 ----- BAN ASSAULT WEAPONS VIGIL at Brew City Shooter’s Supply, 43rd & Lincoln starting at Noon.  Those who  get a gun at a gun show a willingness to do violence since a gun was made only to do violence.  Some 40 Walmart employees in San Bruno CA staged a walkout to protest gun sales.  ---CLG

Thurs. Sept 19 ---POT LUCK  6:30pm  then CLARIFICATION OF THOUGHT at 7pm at Harmony House, 1149 N 21st St.  We will show and discuss segments of the documentary “The Pacifist” about Larry Basset, who refused to pay war taxes.

Fri. Sept. 20th and 21st--- Milwaukee  Climate Strike activities! For details, go to (414) 964-9478  For activities in other states, go to

Sunday, Sept. 22 ----BENEFIT FOR WELLSPRING Farm starting at 4 p.m. at  Braise Restaurant, 1101 S. 2nd St. Wellspring is a pro-ecology organic farm outside of  West Bend WI  which teaches organic gardening and ecology.


Tues., Sept. 24 -----ANTI-ROTC VIGIL AND NONVIOLENT ACTION AT M.U..   The Pace e Bene Campaign Nonviolent Action Week is September 14-22,  but we want to have an action, like last year due to its symbolic interest.  M.U,  which calls itself a Christian university, has received 52 military contracts worth over $19 million dollars between 2000 and 2018.  It continues to teach our youth violence as a tool to gain more power and wealth in the world in defiance of Christ’s teaching of love for one’s enemies AND doing good to those who harm us. We will meet at noon at the M.U. Library on 14th  & Wisconsin Ave. We will ask the students if they want war or peace.

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