The Work of Thomas Merton and Dorothy Day Video Series


During the recent Campaign Nonviolence Action Week, action organizer Kelly Richey in Cincinnati, OH brought in Sharon Halsey-Hoover and David Hoover who perform one-person-plays as Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton (See Inscape Ministries). Sharon and David are also, themselves, action organizers in the past as well. All three of them, Kelly, Sharon and David, joined Pace e Bene on our recent pilgrimage to Assisi, Italy in June.

Kelly writes about the plays on her blog that, “In some ways, they [Dorothy and Thomas] lived parallel lives ultimately pointed in the same direction, toward inner and outer peacemaking. Thomas Merton lived the life of one seemingly withdrawn from the world, and Dorothy Day lived a life of activism. What we learn during this play is how much Merton was engaged in the world and what a contemplative Dorothy Day was.”

Below are the 6 videos from the play. Thank you to Kelly for sharing this with us, to Sharon and David for their incredible talent and for each of them working to bring peace and nonviolence into the world.

Themes and Titles

Life and Death: Part 1
Conversion: Part 2
Prayer: Part 3
Unitive Vision: Part 4
Peace and Nonviolence: Part 5
Love and the Cosmic Dance: Part 6