Action Week Reports Keep Coming In

So many wonderful pictures and reports from across the country. Incredible! Among the highlights, Pace e Bene’s Veronica Pelicaric did a radio interview for a program in Sarasota, FL Wednesday, September 18th. Listen to it here:

Cathy Webster of Chico, CA shares: “The Climate Strike, although in the making for well over a year, in Chico was organized by the youthful Sunrise Movement and Chico The organizers agreed that this event would be definitely a nonviolent action for Campaign Nonviolence. Along with other community groups we had a table, encouraging people to write postcards to Speaker Pelosi and one of CA's senators who do not support a Green New Deal, and we spoke to the many folks who came by of the Campaign and the need to mainstream nonviolence.”

Alice McCain of Bainbridge Island, WA tells us: “We stood and watched the sun rise over Puget Sound, silent except for birds’ calls. Each person placed a glass “pebble” on a spot on a world map spread on a picnic table, symbolizing an area they were praying for. Prayers were offered aloud, drawing from many faith traditions. Two local Buddhist monks chanted and we sang songs before we were dismissed to share breakfast food and drink brought by participants.”

Rachel Bliss of Asheville, NC says, “It’s over, but never completely over. Today is September 22, 2019. I sit relaxing in my apartment eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich, feeling at peace with myself and the world. I also feel tremendous gratitude to the following partners for good, including all my WNC4Peace, Veterans for Peace 099, Elder and Sage Community Garden co-sponsors, and especially these wonderful people, Clare Hanrahan, Caesar Williams III, Arturo, Duañe McQuon, Ruby Warren and her troubadours, our Keynote Speaker Daniel Kovalik, NC State Rep. Susan Fisher, Asheville City Council Member Brian Haynes, our Peacemaker of 2019 Said Abdallah, his introducer Steven Norris, his nominaters Anne Craig and Cindy Osborne. I can’t say enough praises for our Emcee Ellie Halsey, who must be congratulated for the talents of remaining cool no matter what and thinking on her feet.
All who brought food to share, helped set up and clean up, especially VFP members Chris Berg, Lyle Petersen and Ken Ashe were terrific, as was Ken Jones and Melody Shank, who hosted and entertained our speaker.
I thank Captain’s Books, who provided electricity for our sound system, and Clare Schwartz and Bobby Sullivan of the French Broad Food Coop; and the Fresh Quarter, both of whom donated food and drink for our reception.
To our financial contributors, St George Episcopal Church and its Spirit and Arts Program, WNC Physicians for Social Responsibility and VFP Chapter 099, I say thank you.
And lastly, to all 30 signees who endorsed our International Day of Peace proclamations through the City of Asheville and our State Legislative Delegates, gracias! I want to lift up Brownie Newman, who signed our proclamation in his own name after the Buncombe County Commission refused to sign. Thanks, Brownie!
And you, all of you, who work for peace everyday, I marvel at your passion and dedication to a most worthy cause, peace from our hearts all the way to around our planet. Never forget your message. We cannot have a world at peace as long as militarism reigns supreme, gobbles up lives and resources, exploits smaller and vulnerable countries through empire building, and continues to be a huge contributor to climate catastrophe and collapse of life as we know it on Planet Earth.
Yesterday isn’t over. It was, more importantly, a renewal of our resolve to make a big difference in the evolution of humankind, from one of fear and violence to one of trust and egalitarianism for those who follow us. Never lose hope!”

Janine Hicks of Joliet, IL says that their group “Marched with thousands of other students and adults in Chicago.”

Jessie Frank of Cincinnati, OH writes, “The NonViolence Alliance encouraged the community to observe the Week of Nonviolence by participating in the actions listed on our Peace Map. The Peace Map featured events, readings, meetings, activities, performances, and trips hosted by alliance member organizations occurring throughout the greater Cincinnati area between Sept. 14 and 21. NVA concluded the Week of Nonviolence with "Hands Across the Bridge for Peace" on Sunday, Sept. 22, which involved a rally, walk, and community cookout that celebrated the International Day of Peace and Cincinnati's one-year anniversary of being designated as an International City of Peace. NVA was proud to collaborate on various community groups to bring the event to fruition. Over 100 people attended the march to show their solidarity with communities experiencing violence and to show their commitment to peace.”

Dr. Kahu Kaleo Patterson of Honolulu, HI shares of their event, “We created a Zone of Peace and Nonviolence for the largest public housing development in Hawaii, and promoting solidarity with CNV and International Day of Peace.”