Action Week Day in Review: September 19

Organizers are keeping it up this week, and the pictures show people of all ages and demographics turning out to build a culture of nonviolence. Above, you can see activists in Las Vegas, NV; Tucson, AZ; and Austin, TX connecting the dots between war, poverty, racism, and environmental destruction. The actions of the week have been inspiring, and there is only more to look forward to — Saturday the 21st is the International Day of Peace, and there are hundreds of actions happening that day alone. Find one near you to get involved.

On our blog, we’ve been posting reports and photos, even news coverage, as you send it in. We’ve also been sharing the pictures, posts, and plans you’ve been posting on our Facebook, including a video of the ukulele flash mob (right) that gathered as part of CNV Memphis’s actions this week. The creativity of your actions continues to touch and inspire us all.