Action Week Review September 14 - 17

The first part of the Campaign Nonviolence Week of Actions has been full of actions around the country. Above are some photo highlights from those who have submitted so far. We are still gearing up to the International Day of Peace this Saturday 9/21, and in the meantime you can check our list of actions to find an event to join near you. Organizers, as you complete your actions, remember to send us your write ups and photos so we can post a blog to spread the word. Thank you all for the hard work and dedication to building a culture of nonviolence.

On September 14th, Voices from the Margins organized in Beaverton, OR, reporting: “Four immigrant women told their stories. We talked about what makes us feel welcome or unwelcome and discussed how to do better in welcoming immigrants. We enjoyed snacks and Brazilian jazz music. Several groups tabled: The Interfaith Movement for immigrant justice, Adelante Mujeres(educating and empowering Latinas) MACG, community organizers, and the Cultivating Nonviolence study group.”