A Powerful Time We Live In

Ruth Ann Angus, who organizes our Nonviolent Cities Project in Morro Bay, CA holds monthly nonviolent discussion groups - one in Morro Bay and one in Cambria., called Yes We Can Peacebuilders. They have about 15-20 people in both and have been doing this for several months now. Ruth Ann said that one never can really tell if they are making any headway or any impression but she figures if people keep coming it is okay. So she was a bit blown away when she received this email from a participant below.

Hi Ruth Ann,

We loved your group the other night & as a result, I felt inspired to post about it on “Next Door.com”…. yes, it is often very negative with comments and snippy energetics….. I decided to invite people into a different picture by posting about the group and how uplifting it was for us. Here is what was posted: 

"We were a part of a group of very diverse people who gathered last night to talk about what we could do to "bridge” the divide over differences of opinions and truly become a force for uplifting, creative energies that move all of us forward. This is something my husband and I felt inspired to write as a reminder to ourselves to be our best selves for us and for others. I am sharing since this is such a helpful group, always ready to assist each other." This is a powerful time we live in.

A time of great opportunity and of great tragedy.

A time when the barriers between realities are less dense and a time where there is more energy for change and less energy for stagnation.

A time when manifestations arrive more quickly and more powerfully, both positive and negative, and a time when time itself is different.

Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 11.44.24 AM.png

 A time when unhealed stuff- in all its forms- is up and refuses to "go away" because "away" is now located in our front yard.

This is a time when all the old familiar ways of thinking and being are upside down, a time when "size matters" but only in terms of the size of your world view.

A time to release the fear of death so that we can release the fear of life.

A time when our souls are calling us to step into a bigger picture or risk becoming lost in a reality where everything seems crazy.

A time to really stop... and listen.

 A time to get moving in the direction of the heart's wisdom, not the mind's dictates.

A time to deepen our compassion for "all of our relations" by deepening our own passion for life.

A time to change our address from "playing a small sad game" to "manifesting our greatness.”

A time to take responsibility for ourselves by appreciating what we've each been given and a time to know that each of us chose to be right here, right now.

Did we leave anything out? We are feeling blessed to be here now and wish the very best life for all of us and to all of our relations."

The response has been amazing…. One somewhat negative comment but more than a dozen positive uplifting messages, including a question about whether the group is open for more people….Thanks for inspiring us to share... I am heartened, I know underneath our different exteriors we are all loving people…. expressing it in different ways!