John Dear's Peace Podcast is Live!

John and Mic image.jpg

Today we launch John Dear’s Peace Podcast  where Fr. John Dear reflects on a new aspect of nonviolence each month. For the inaugural episode, we are starting with a timely subject — “Gandhi’s 12 Basic Lessons,” just in time to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Gandhi’s birth on October 2nd.

The podcast is a wonderful opportunity to bring more nonviolence into your life, listening on your commute, while you cook dinner, or maybe even sitting down to share the listening experience with friends so you can spark conversation. These podcasts are free and recorded specially for Pace e Bene, ready for you to take in the whole show, or to listen in bite-size pieces over the course of a week.

The Peace Podcast is available on our website here. Links to previous podcasts will also be posted there on the website, and they will also be available on iTunes soon. If you enjoy this new Peace Podcast, share it with others so that it will spread far and wide.

John Dear has been studying, teaching and writing about nonviolence for forty years, given thousands of lectures, and published over 35 books. We are happy to share his latest insights on nonviolence each month.

Pace e BeneErin Bechtol