Action Week Day in Review: September 18

The reports are starting to come in, and the results are wonderful — thousands of people have been reached so far by local actions in their community, mainstreaming nonviolence and showing the world a better way. Thank you for sending your reports, photos, and videos as they’re available. We can’t wait to spread the word.

  • In the video above, Randy McPherson from CNV Memphis discusses the work of creating a nonviolent culture in schools, in communities, and in the home.

  • LaVern Olberding from San Diego reports, “We sponsored two events on Saturday at the Peace Resource Center in San Diego. From 10:00 - 1:00 we hosted a Meta Peace Team training (learning to de-escalate volatile we learn to remove the "I" from Violence). One of our attendees was a young man running for Congress. The afternoon session addressed the seriousness of Mental (Un)Health as a Pipeline to Prison. We had great opportunities morning and afternoon to network with new resource people.”

  • Beaverton, Oregon held their peace pole dedication, sharing: “In spite of rain, 10 people read ‘May peace prevail on earth,’ in their native languages and most present read their wishes for peace. The City if Beaverton and Beaverton Rotary Club joined Westside Ultraviolet to dedicate the new City Hall Peace Pole. The event ended with the group singing ‘May peace begin with me.’”

Beaverton City Hall Peace Pole Dedication. Photo by Maureen Wheeler.

Beaverton City Hall Peace Pole Dedication. Photo by Maureen Wheeler.