Pace e Bene Update

Washington Post gives visibility to "Religious Liberals"

The Washington Post published an article on May 20, entitled “Religious Liberals Gain New Visibility: A Different List Of Moral Issues.” The article talked about the ways that relgious liberals are trying to re-claim religious values that have been considered territory of the Christian right.

According to religious leaders and political scholars, we are now seeing the “most intensive bout of political organizing and alliance-building” in the religious liberal movement since the 1960s.

Why now? “In large part, the revival of the religious left is a reaction against conservatives’ success in the 2004 elections in equating moral values with opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage.”

The Washington Post named the Spiritual Activism Conference, where Pace e Bene led a workshop and also helped organize around the Declaration of Peace, as an example of the evidence of the growing movement.

The recently formed Network of Spiritual Progressives is holding a four-day conference that began Wednesday at All Souls Church in Northwest Washington. A thousand participants from 39 states are discussing a new “Spiritual Covenant for America” and spent Thursday visiting their members of Congress. Lerner, the California-based rabbi who founded the network, said the conference is partly aimed at countering an aversion to religion among secular liberals and “the liberal culture” of the Democratic Party.”

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