Pace e Bene's Impact: Action

The Circle of Peace: A World Without Torture

Pace e Bene is working to end torture. In his ongoing national speaking tour, Pace e Bene founder Friar Louie Vitale promotes Pace e Bene’s “Declaration for a World without Torture” and shares his experience of arrest and prison for taking nonviolent action against US supported torture practices. As attendee Ann Carey put it, “His strong, compassionate witness against torture inspired us to broaden our work of peacemaking.

Restorative justice

After being car-jacked at knifepoint, a Pace e Bene facilitator asked the judge for a unique sentence for her attacker. At her request, the judge reduced the man’s sentence from ten years to one, on the condition that he develop a nonviolence pledge with his victim. He agreed. For one year, the two met regularly on a supervised basis at the prison. Upon his release, the man left his gang, got a job, and continues to meet with the Pace e Bene facilitator. Both have been transformed by the experience and are living the power of nonviolence.

Past collaborations:

The Declaration of Peace

Pace e Bene sparked this nationwide grassroots campaign for a concrete plan for peace in Iraq. During its September 2006 Week of Action, thousands of people and 800 endorsing organizations participated in 375 events in cities across the US that helped make the pivotal fall congressional elections a clear vote to end the war.