Nonviolence News Story


By Friar Louie Vitale

 January 1, 2012 Peter Ediger, long time activist for Peace penned "I'd like to cultivate a spirit of less cynicism and more faith, less despair and more hope, less fear and more love."

These were not mere words, although Peter was an outstanding writer/poet and orator/singer. They are words of prophecy that he often uttered. It was the beginning of the last "activist year" of his most prolific life.  During this last year he fulfilled a life long mission  call of Evangelization --bringing the words and call of Jesus to cultivate peace throughout the world with a special focus on the churches founded for the express purpose of spreading that message by words and the waning energy of his 9 decades as a "servant" of that word.

 During that year he carried on a mission to the churches of  Las Vegas area in contrast to the glare of the glitz of  Las Vegas.  He entered with a sign that stated  "Jesus taught us to love our enemies, what does your church teach?  He then entered and worshipped enthusiastically (especially joining the singing).    

 The culmination of this journey was to join with the Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada and many other groups concerned about the journey of peace and nonviolence  in an Interfaith Celebration of Active Nonviolence. A highpoint of this gathering would be the location in the midst of the degradation being made worldwide to mosques, churches, temples and such houses of worship. The Interfaith Council surfaced the Islamic Society of Nevada's very ample and reverent space for worship and community sharing. The gracious  hospitality of the leadership and membership  of  this community ( including an enormous amount of labor) was most inspiring...  The cap on this generosity was a very fine and plentiful meal donated by the Islamic Society of Nevada for some 300 guests that also reflected the openheartedness and graciousness of the event.