Nonviolence News Story

Louie Delivers Letter to Vandenburg Colonel Prior to Nov. 14th Missle Launch

Friar Louis Vitale, O.F.M.

November 13, 2012


Commander Nina M. Armagno, Colonel, USA30 SW/CC747 Nebraska Ave., Suite A200 

Dear Colonel Armagno

I am writing a rather desperate letter in advance of the scheduled ICBM launch tomorrow morning, November 14 at VAFB. These launches carry depleted uranium to replace the weight of the nuclear warheads that have been removed. It  carries a half life equal to the age of the sun . These tests over recent decades  have  already contaminated the lagoon at Quajalein and   have been determined to bring radiation and massive destruction to the landing sites in the Marshall Islands.  This part of the world has already been devastated by our past abuses with  Nuclear Tests. Many have attested to the human  affects in this present time.   Senator Tony de Brum, of the Marshall Islands,' who has been studying and expressing the severity of this devastation, was present in this area recently and  insists that this continues to be a mortal  injury to the Islanders for which they have never been compensated.  These attacks in the past and the present amount to war crimes.   THEY MUST BE STOPPED…!

Our presence here tonight is to bring to you as the commander of this facility the urgent plea, indeed  demand,  to stop this test and those to follow.  In God's name we must do so or prepare ourselves to suffer the wrath of our own arrogant and misguided behavior.  This cannot continue or we shall bring about the end of the creation as we know it.

The actual  launching of but a few of these weapons will bring about a devastation, recently described as “A nuclear famine” that can bring an end  to life as we know it.  Many experts, such as science-expert Carl Sagan have acknowledged this phenomenon as comparable to the extinction of the dinosaurs as a result of a cosmic bombardment in ancient times.       (Nuclear Famine” cf. Hefland,  “A Billion at Risk Physicians for Social Responsibility.)

We plead with you to immediately use your influence and authority to call for an immediate halt to this war crime about to be conducted on this facility under your command and responsibility.

Please do not defer to “higher command” that has approved this immoral sacrilege--be aware that God, our creator will be the final judge and it may be the same as that of the ancient animals to which we referred who once shared this planet with us..    

Yours, with regard for all of Creation,

Louis Vitale, OFM