Katherine McCarron

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Engage Training Team Member

Katherine McCarron: Engage Training Team Member

Katherine has been working at a grass roots level to bring peace and harmony to community for many years. She believes that one can only change the world as far as one’s arms reach, and that any pursuit proceeds with baby steps, small seeds planted day after day.

Peace work began with the Vietnam war, and marches, sit-ins, fasts and other public demonstrations. After moving to Canada, she began working with inmates, and has continued to be a mentor, listener, supporter and advocate for prisoners for twenty years.

After her children were grown, Katherine moved to a small cabin in the woods in northern Ontario, where she lived very simply for four years, without a well or running water, and a small woodstove. During that time she published a local monthly magazine with contributions of poetry, stories, recipes, art and history from local residents. Community and communication are at the core of her passions; let us talk to one another and celebrate who we are, where we are.

Since moving to the Bay area three years ago to pursue a masters degree in Creation Spirituality, she has been singing with the choir at San Quentin State Prison, and recently co-facilitated the first course of From Violence to Wholeness at that prison. The program is continuing, at the request of those who participated.

After completing her masters, Katherine walked for peace as a pilgrim for three months through Ohio, delivering the message that peace is not something that begins when the guns stop, but something that starts right now, in our hearts, our families, and neighborhoods. Peacemaking is something we can practice every day; finding that quiet place in our hearts and spending time there is the only way we will make peace in this large world.