Campaigns: Take Action for Justice and Peace with Pace e Bene and Its Partners


The Circle of Peace: A World Without Torture

Pace e Bene is working to end torture. Sign the Declaration for a World without Torture and take action. As part of this campaign, Pace e Bene founder Fr. Louie Vitale has been speaking across North America, sharing his experience of arrest and prison for taking nonviolent action against US supported torture practices. More

Christian Peace Witness for Iraq

CPWI is organizing an ecumenical religious service and nonviolent witness for a just and lasting peace in Iraq to be held Wednesday-Thursday, April 29-30 in Washington, DC. More

Hip Hop Caucus

With 690,000 members, Hip Hop Caucus works with urban youth to stop police brutality, create green jobs, end the war in Iraq, and register voters. See all Hip Hop Caucus campaigns.

School of the Americas Watch

SOA Watch seeks to close the US Army School of the Americas (Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation) at Ft. Benning, Georgia through vigils, fasts, demonstrations, nonviolent action and media and legislative strategies. Pace e Bene has led numerous nonviolence trainings for SOA Watch. More

Franciscan Action Network

FAN and Pace e Bene have launched a national training initiative with Franciscan communities across the US. In regional workshops, teams are trained using a Peacemaking Study Program designed by Pace e Bene for the Franciscans. These trainings deepen the vision of peacemaking of local Franciscan groups – and strengthen their ability to advocate for concrete policy changes for justice, peace, and environmental sustainability. More

Call to Action

Founded in 1976, Call to Action is a Catholic movement working for equality and justice in the Church and society. Since 2006, Pace e Bene has led the Nonviolent Action Track for a Just Church as part of CTA’s yearly November conference. CTA organizes the Just Church Campaign to free the church and society to be a force for justice and peace. More