Traveling with the Turtle: Women’s Spirituality of Peacemaking

Come Travel with the Turtle…

Women’s spirituality is a powerful force for peacemaking. Come travel with the turtle, ancient symbol of feminine wisdom and strength, and explore the ways this spirituality can impact your life.

Traveling with the Turtle can help you unleash the power and share the wisdom that you possess deep within, in order to make peace with yourself, in your relationships, communities, and in society. Through ritual, exercises, readings and life practices, this thirteen-part group process empowers you to work for peace in ways that are practical, creative, inclusive and nonviolent.

As Isabel Allende counsels: “Use this exciting book to gather together women in your life. Form a circle and discover the power you have to begin to heal yourselves and your world.”

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Peacemaking will become a universal reality when women join together to unleash their collective wisdom and power. Here is a journey to take us there. Wisely crafted and richly provisioned, it will help each woman who walks it to find her own strength and her own distinctive voice. “
—Joanna Macy, Author, Coming Back to Life

Traveling with the Turtle is a wonderful resource. What bootcamp is to the military, this remarkable program could be for women who would undertake nonviolent social and political change, be it in a war-zone overseas or within their own neighborhoods and homes. The simplest instructions carry the weight of the authors’ long experience in the field and their intimate knowledge of the “canon” of nonviolent literature. I love the book and will commend it widely.”
—Carol Lee Flinders, Author of Enduring Lives: Portraits of Women and Faith in Action