Peace Grows! Nurturing a Culture of Nonviolence

Created by Rosemary Lynch and Mary Litell, Peace Grows! developed out of Pace e Bene’s Nurturing a Culture of Nonviolence Project. It’s workshop, curriculum, and audio and video resources are grounded in the four-fold conviction that:

  • The seeds of peace exist in all cultures
  • These seeds are already being nurtured by groups and individuals across the country and around the world
  • These creative efforts are not well-reported, and
  • The majority of persons who are actually nurturing a culture of peace in their everyday lives do not identify themselves as peacebuilders and often do not have the support of a sense of solidarity with others who are likewise committed to the same peaceable way of life.

This project creates a process in which participants articulate their longings for a peaceable way of life.

John Paul Puno directed a film for this project entitled Peace Grows. This film explores how, as wars rage on street corners and continents, cultures of peace are becoming a quiet global phenomenon. Through lives of nonviolence, everyday people are re-seeding our planet with peace. It is often “invisible” because, unlike violence, the events of peaceful living are normally not headlined in the mass media.  For more information about this film see Peace Grows: Conversations on Nurturing Cultures of Nonviolence

If you are interested in their leading a Peace Grows or NCN workshop for your community, please contact Mary Litell at marylitell at paceebene dot org.