From Violence To Wholeness

Since 1997, twenty-three thousand people have participated in over 500 From Violence To Wholeness workshops, trainings, courses, and study groups in the US and around the world.  This programming has provided participants with a vision, method, and tools to challenge and transform patterns and policies of violence in their lives and in the larger world.  Developed in a Catholic Franciscan context, From Violence To Wholeness was designed for nonviolence education in Christian congregations and organizations.

Now, From Violence To Wholeness is becoming Engage.  Engage includes programming and a curriculum that can be used by people from all walks of life in a variety of religious and non-religious settings. The Engage Book is a substantial revision and expansion of the original From Violence To Wholness study guide.

Pace e Bene eventually expects to create a new Christian format of Engage. Until then, the original From Violence To Wholeness Book remains available. To order it, visit our online store.