Engage: Exploring Nonviolent Living

Use the Engage Book!


We have more power than we think.

Engage can help you tap into that power and equip you to make the positive changes you need to improve your life and your community.

Full of stories, exercises and resources, Engage is a workbook to learn, study and practice the nonviolent options available to us. It offers a guide for groups on how to take action for justice and peace in the midst of war, injustice and environmental destruction.

Engage is ideal for advocacy organizations, religious communities, citizen action leagues, campus networks and any group seeking to work together to create a society committed to justice, democracy, peace, sustainability and equality.

"It is only when the individual becomes peaceful that the world will become peaceful. Engage is the way to transform the self."
—Arun Gandhi, President, MK Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

"This book, Engage, is a toolkit for salvation. Beta-tested in the laboratory of hundreds of workshops, it spans the whole field of necessary knowledge to save the world, from the loftiest reaches of theory to how to use a flipchart. No doubt there will be many more handbooks like it in the years to come, but at present this is the only one I know of, and every community should have one."
—Michael Nagler, Founder, Peace and Conflict Studies, UC Berkeley


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