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Violence in Futbol

Hello from Veronica in Argentina.  Here in Rosario (Agentina`s second largest city)  - exciting times for nonviolence.  I was invited to participate in a very popular television program on current issues and this particular one was about “Violence in Futbol”. As some of us know, futbol in Argentina is God, more or less.  It was a panel fo 8 people one of whom is subsecretary for sports for the Ministry of Interior in the  Government.

One of the interesting items in all of this is that at least six people mentioned as a “solution” nonviolence education, in those precise words.  At the end of the program, the subsecretary came to me and said he wanted us to meet when I returned to Buenos Aires to discuss possibilities of working together.  The idea I will approach him with is to make a documentary of a workshop which would get together the main actors in futbol matches: players, “barrabravas” (gangs), police, audience and politicians.  I think this has the potential for bringing about a shift in paradigm,  and would be a most educational tool.  Also, I have been interviewed on radio for an hour and by a newspapers here.  I have a strong sense of mystery at work in all of this.  A suivre, as they say in Montreal ….(till the next time….)

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