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"wild believing"

Brian McLaren  has been amazing in his support of EPYC. When he continues to write fantatic stuff like this it’s easy to return the generosity.

Can the suicide machine really be stopped? Can the earth really be liberated from the destructive framing story that drives it? Is Jesus’ healing and transforming framing story really powerful enough to save the world?

…[To unleash the needed change requires] doubting, rejecting, and defecting from our old framing stories, and instead, discovering and adopting - in a word, believing - a new framing story. That, once again, is exactly where I believe Jesus steps into human affairs, challenging us simply to believe his good news (Mark 1:15), and to believe him as the bearer of that good news (John 6:29, 35; 7:38; 10:37; 14:1).

If the word believing seems too soft a strategy for confronting global crises, I would reply that believing seems like a soft or weak thing only when it is domesticated belief. Tame believing for and within the dominant system may be easy, but wild believing against and beyond it turns normal people into heroes and history changers. Martin Luther, Martin Luther King, Jr, Galileo, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Saint Francis… they all showed this heroic courage to believe against and beyond the dominant systems of their day.

So we must realize this: the suicidal framing story that dominates our world today has no power except the power we give it by believing it. Similarly, believing an alternative and transforming framing story may turn out to be the most radical thing any of us can ever do.” ( Brian McLaren “Everything Must Change” p.269-270)

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