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Rainbow Spirit quotes

Richard Campbell's 'the Fourteenth Station'

Christ strengthens us Aboriginal people to confront the Western-oriented church with the cry of God’s people throughout history: ‘Let my people go!’ Reconciliation between peoples is only possible when people are free and equal.” - The Rainbow Spirit Elders in “Rainbow Spirit Theology”

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the brilliant post-colonial Christianity book ‘Rainbow Spirit Theology’ that aboriginal friends in our neighbourhood and myself have found really helpful and moving:

In Jesus Christ we see the mystery, the victory and the love of God revealed. Most missionaries kept that revelation partially hidden because they presented Christ as a European Jesus who had little or no kinship with Aboriginal culture.”

Australia's shame

The Creator Spirit is crying because the blood of Aboriginal people has desecrated the land. The land is crying out because the blood shed on the land has not been heard, and the sacrifice of those who died has not been remembered. The people are crying because the crimes committed against their ancestors have not been revealed and appropriately recognised.”

lockridge community garden reconciliation

Human beings are entrusted with the responsibility to cooperate with the Creator Spirit both to care for and activate the life-forces within the land.”

The Creator Spirit is crying because the deep spiritual bonds with the land and its people have been broken. The land is crying because it is slowly dying without the bond of spiritual life. The people are crying because they long for a restoration of that deep spiritual bond with the Creator Spirit and the land.”

Richard Campbell's 'The Madonna'

The life giving power of the Creator Spirit was always close to our people. We believe that is power took on human flesh in Jesus Christ, and fulfilled the searchings of the people of the Old Testament and of Aboriginal people.”

For the work of reconciliation in Christ to be effective, the Christian churches in Australia need to acknowledge the crimes committed against Aboriginal people, their culture and their land; seek reconciliation; and work with Aboriginal people in their struggles for justice.”

Richard Campbell's 'the Twelfth Station'

The Christ who suffered on the cross continues to suffer with the land and the people of the land. In the suffering of the land and the people of the land, we see Christ suffering and we hear Christ crying out.”

Richard Campbell's 'the Tenth Station'

The suffering land is the groaning creation referred to in the New Testament. Christ came among us to overcome the powers under which the suffering land is groaning. The evil which Christ overcomes is not only personal sin, but the forces which enslave people in society and in the environment in which we live.”

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