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Megachurch Mp3: Martin Luther King, St. Francis and the nonviolence of the cross

My church community that I live with has 11 people in it. Here is the audio of me preaching to a church community of over 4.5 thousand people in it. A little about our community, Martin Luther King and St. Francis’ influence and how turning the nonviolence of the cross revealed in ‘turning the other cheek’ is not an invitation to be a doormat rather it’s Jesus’ invitation to live God’s love in revolutionary grace-filled ways.

03-05-2009 (left click to download for itunes)

Quotes from Sermon:

  • “The work of Christ sets “free those who all
their lives were held in slavery by fear of death”
enabling us to live a life of love
and service
and forgiveness,
without fear of the consequences.
[Those who receive God’s grace] do
not live in fear of death,
but confident expectation of resurrection,
and thus willingness to die with Christ.”
-Lee Camp
  • “There are some who still find the cross
 a stumbling block,
and others consider it foolishness,
but I am more convinced than ever before
 that it is the power of God
unto individual and social [and ecological]
-Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • One of the doctors I met in Iraq said (with tears in his eyes),
‘This violence is for people who have lost their imagination.’
Jarrod McKenna and the good people of EPYC are prophets of imagination.”
Shane Claiborne
  •  “Inscribed on the very heart of God’s grace
 is the rule that we can be its recipients only
 if we do not resist being made into its agents;
what happens to us must be done by us.”
– Miroslav Volf

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