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"If four daggy Christians can do this, anyone can!": Bonhoeffer 4 photos, Brian McLaren, Claiborne, Empire & Kingdom

G’day friends and supporters!
Thanks to everyone for the amazing support while we were disrupting the waste of resources spent on war that could feed the world’s poor and facing the consequences (what I like to call “incarnational prison ministry” ;) ).
Bonhoeffer 4: Margaret Pestorius, Jarrod McKenna,  Jessica Morrison, Simon Moyle
For disrupting the US/Aussie wargames I’ve been called everything from “theological rats poison” and “doing the work of the devil” to “charismatic new pop-evangelist – Billy Graham with dreadlocks”. The truth is not as exciting, or sexy as either of these but as Rev. Simon Moyle put it on RTR FM last night, “If four daggy Christians can do this, anyone can!”
Photo by Julian Masters
Together we (regular “daggy” people) can witness to Love’s New World by receiving the empowerment of what Bonhoeffer would call “costly grace”.

Brian McLaren and Shane Claiborne have been amazingly supportive of my ministry EPYC.. For those who might be struggling with our actions and how they relate to our faith, here is an excellent radio program the did about Kingdom and Empire.

"Jarrod McKenna and new friend: two brother discuss their faith" by Julian Masters
 There is more news to come, (I’ll blog on Jim Wallis’ God’s politics soon) including a documentary about the actions of the “Bonhoeffer 4”that will be released later this year by film maker and photographer Julian Masters.

Here is a great retelling of what happened via “Bonhoeffer 4” member Jess Morrison

I’m still trying to come to terms with everything, (trespassing on a military base during live fire, bombs falling only 10kms north, U.S. soldiers guarding us with M16’s while we pray for the victims of war, handing out Bibles to soldiers & police arresting us, singing spirituals for hrs in the back of a paddy wagon, being put into solitary confinement, going on trial with nothing prepared to say other than a prayer for the Spirit’s guidance etc.)but will write about our experiences soon, also look out for writing from other Bonhoeffer 4 team members.
"Bonhoeffer 4" by Julian Masters
Thanks to Margaret Pestorius, Jessica Morrison and Simon Moyle, amazing people who I look up to and deeply respect. And thanks you (!) for all the ways you are living God’s love in ways that are good news for the earth and the poor around the world.

Grace and peace,
Jarrod McKenna
([To quote Simon Moyle in response to the judge] “guilty and proud” member of Bonhoeffer 4’s efforts to only boast in the nonviolent power of the cross)

Jarrod McKenna mugshot "Jail time for justice is nothing to be ashamed of."

youtube video here: 
 for more amazing photos from Julian Masters click here:


Picture of user Jarrod McKenna
Perth, WA