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Sharon Halsey-Hoover

So. California CNV Promoter Sharon Halsey-Hoover Reflects on CNV and September Actions

by Ryan Hall // Blog

Thomas Merton once told Daniel Berrigan that he was “sick up to the teeth…[with] explanations about where we are all going because where we are all going is…over the falls. We are in a new river and we don’t know it.” (Quoted from Pursuing the Spiritual Roots of Protest: Merton, Berrigan, Yoder and Mustie at the Gethsemani Abbey Peacemakers Retreat by Gordon Oyer) Where we are all going is “over the falls.” That was in August, 1964 and it’s still a reality and a pretty scary thought in 2014. If you are like me you’re wringing your hands and wondering what are we going to do. And then, along came Campaign Nonviolence!!! Ah, some direction, some plans, something we could do. read more


Read the Call to Action for September 21-27, 2014!

by Ryan Hall // Blog

Campaign Nonviolence  invites all people of faith, conscience, and good will to take to the streets September 21-27 in hundreds of cities across the United States in the spirit of nonviolence to speak out publicly for an end to war, poverty, and environmental … read more

Guns Are For Cowards

Chicago’s South Side rises up against gun violence

by Ken Butigan // Blog

By time I arrived at St. Sabina Church on Chicago’s South Side last Friday, 500 people had already crowded into the street at the side of the 80-year-old building, waving signs and engrossed in a smattering of speeches from the … read more

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